Baylife Design Installation


Hello there!

So I shared on my Instagram a few weeks ago how I was busy working on a big design project... well it has since been finalised and launched with a lot of help and input from an incredible team of people! 

The brief was to redesign the interior of the foyer for Baylife Church to reflect the new Vision and direction for 2017 as well direct stage design which also reflected the vision and key statements for the year. 

Our team had many a brainstorm session over tea and brownies (the only way to have meetings of course!). Baylife is a friendly, welcoming, joy-filled church with a focus on loving and reaching people. So we wanted our design to be able to show this as visitors walk into the building. We were given great creative freedom in our design which we really enjoyed. 

The key words for the church in 2017 are Amplify, Intensify and Magnify, forming the acronym 'AIM'. We also wanted to incorporate part of the Mission Statement; 'Love God, Love People, Love Life'.

We eventually decided on using coloured smoke (later replaced with coloured powder) for a photoshoot. I used these images in our final designs which we produced as wall vinyls for our foyer. 

Sounds simple enough but in reality it was a very small amount of time, three photoshoot attempts, a lot of back-and-forth communication with the team and the print company. 

projector screens5.jpg

We built hype for the vision launch through social media and I produced these instagram + facebook images, they were designed to build interest without giving away our whole new look, it's always a surprise for the church each year to see the final design. 

The vinyl wall stickers arrived two days before our launch and took a team of us to apply (thank you, thank you, thank you to my parents, Broni & Hannah!). The following lovely photos were all taken by Broni who is a key member of our little design team. 

I also designed new covers for the various information booklets to coordinate with our new design. 

So there it all is! There's a little iphone snapshot of our new stage design below, the circular lighting represents the target implied by the word 'AIM' and also an image Pastor Greg shared a pond with ripples radiating out from a point of impact. A wonderful team of volunteers completed the construction of backdrop and lights. 

This was a huge project but I truly enjoyed working with such a great team and working out all the challenges we faced along the way. I don't think any design project is ever completely straight forward, and each new project presents an opportunity to learn - whether it be Photoshop shortcuts or neogiating skills!