Social Media Design


My brilliantly clever sister, MJ Drakkon, has just published her first novel! The fantasy novel, The Unwanted Slave, is now available on Amazon here. You can read a sample of the blurb below:


Welcome to Aves, a land of thick green forests and rolling hills. Here, the catlike faelen live alongside the timorous humans, each in fear of the other. Above them all, Lord Balathor, first of his name, reigns from his throne at Castle Mebahiah. The war between the humans and the faelen has officially been over for some time, and yet the rift between them may never heal.

Kitt’s destiny was to spend his life at the pick in Maledore Mine, a cruel prison to the north built to crush the spirit. His life was fated to end here, out on the sand, as a dark cloud descends upon Aves and something sinister brews beneath the surface.
But perhaps… it does not have to be.


She employed a designer who specialises in book covers and fantasy style art to design her cover, but I had the privilege of designing a simple profile picture for her new social media accounts. The brief was to keep it simple and flexible, whilst clearly showing her name. You can see the final design below..