Free Letter Board Mockup + Home Inspiration


I'm a lover of words and stories. I grew up in a household with plenty of books and was always encouraged to read. My older sister is now an author (her book is here) and my own home has more books than my poor bookcases can support.  

Now as a designer,  I've found a whole new joy in words through typography and hand lettering. I'm in love with not only the meaning of words or the story they tell, but also the shapes of different letters and words. You can check out my latest typography designs here.

My husband and I have plenty of words displayed around our home; a simple white 'Hello' banner in our entryway, clipboards for interchangeable quotes, a Typo Lightbox sitting in our kitchen and little prints in frames on our bookshelves.  So it was really no surprise that I fell in love with the felt letter board trend... 

RLC letter board mockup

I've had my eye my on a couple of different felt letter boards for a while now.
I first found them through Letterfolk on instagram and then discovered an Australian brand called Alpha Board Co. However these beautiful boards weren't within my student budget and I ended up purchasing this one from Kmart.

Since I am still on the other side of the world I've created a virtual letter board and decided to share it with you all. 

RLC letter board mockup

You can download the two photoshop files here or by clicking the button below


The photos used in these mockups were found on Unsplash. The background image is by Sarah Dorweiler and the letter board image is by

Rebecca Lee Creative - free letter board mockup

I've also compiled a collection of other beautiful ways to bring words into your home

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