Bible Verse Prints


I create a lot of art and design just for myself - sometimes to put up in my home, to experiment with new ideas or express what I’m thinking and feeling. These designs usually end up in the drawer of my old wooden desk collecting dust or lost in a folder somewhere on my computer. 

I’ve decided to create this page to share some of the prints I’ve created featuring scripture, as a resource for people to download and print their favourites. I hope they bring a little bit of encouragement to anyone who downloads them. 

I’m happy for you to download as many as you like - simply click on the image you’d like and a window will open up with a high quality JPEG, best suited for A4 printing. You can right click to download and save. Feel free to share the images on your own social media pages too - just tag me @rebeccca_leee or link back to my site.

I'll update this page as I create new designs, so make sure you're following me on instagram or facebook so you don't miss out! Also if you've got a favourite verse you'd love to see in this mix, please let me know!

Enjoy xo