Cheddar Gorge Hike


Hey friends ! So here's the next little update on our European adventure ... slowly getting through organising photos and getting blog posts ready. 

This post is dedicated to the absolutely beautiful Cheddar Gorge, one of my favourite stops in England. The best part is that is was an unplanned stop suggested by our friends. 


We took the steps up to the lookout and then decided to do the whole hike around the gorge, it ended up taking us a couple of hours and there were definitely a few moments where I definitely thought we were lost....but the view was absolutely incredible, just endless green rolling hills and rocky outcrops. 


Our walk talk us a little longer than expected and we arrived back into town hungry and tired - which was soon remedied with local gelato and cider. 


Sweaty and tired but we made it to the top!


We also strolled around and visited the local stores and of course tasted all the different varieties of Cheddar cheese...

You can also check out Matt's video blog which includes Cheddar Gorge above