Do what you love

It's taken me a long time to start doing what I love, I'm still hesitant when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone and into my creative zone. 
So what is it about following our dreams that is just so scary?

I think we are all just a little scared of failure and admitting that we are passionate about something opens up the doorway to potential disappointment and failure... however over the last year over stepping out and beginning my degree in Visual Communication design, opening my Etsy store and taking custom orders I have found so much joy and excitement in pursuing what inspires me. 

I painted these little inspirational images the week before I started my degree, before I realised just how much I was going to love studying design full time. Beyond just new creative projects and skills, I have also connected with a whole new group of likeminded friends to share and work with. 

So to those of you waiting to step out, I encourage you to take the plunge; be it creative or otherwise and jump into doing what you love. The rewards far outweigh the challenges & you are capable of amazing things. 

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