Oyster Hatchery Poster


Here's one of the more challenging designs I've worked on recently. The end result is simple enough (simplicity always seems to be the hardest to achieve..)

The difficulty in this project was the large amount of information that needed to be conveyed on the poster. Generally posters contain limited body text and are aimed at grabbing attention and showcasing basic details such as a date and location. This poster however was for a local oyster business that was giving a presentation and they wanted a poster which explained a large amount of complicated information. 

I actually went out and visited the Hatchery (which is run by my brilliantly clever Dad) to take photos for the poster and learn more about the processes involved in growing oysters. 


How's this for an office view!


For the final poster design I used images and text to create a timeline in an effort to clearly display the oyster farming process. Even though it's the business my Dad has worked in for over a decade I learnt a lot about the operations of an oyster hatchery while working on the poster. Up next on the list is to finally get the company their own logo...