Petal & Pen // Logo design

This personal branding project was one of my assignments in my first year of studying graphic design. The project involved designing a logo and business card for a fictional florist business. 

One of my favourite aspects of any project is the initial brainstorm and gathering of ideas. The following images are the moodboards I collated using InDesign.


The next stage in the process was to begin sketching, below are just a few of the many, many initial drawings I completed. 

Of course these countless iterations then have to be refined and narrowed down to a final few. I ended up deciding on a simple handlettered logo, which I created by making a vector illustration off my own handlettering. The logo is simple enough to work in either black or white and can be used as an overlay on a photograph.

Business cards came next, beginning as always with more brainstorming before refining ideas in Photoshop and InDesign. I played around with some floral illustrations and a simple yet sophisticaed serif typeface.

The final business card underwent a long process of refining and editing but I ended up using one of my illustrations on the front and minimalist text layout design the reverse.