Pink & Gold

What kind of images does New Years Eve conjure up for you? For me it's always been a time of celebration with friends and an excuse to go through an unlimited amounts of glitter, fairy lights & sparklers. 

I spent a quiet NYE day at home packaging up a little paper package for a friend in need of some encouragement.. and of course being NYE it had to include lots of gold! 

And no creative project is complete without COMPLETELY messing up my desk with supplies. After pulling out every single little box, drawer and container I finally gathered up enough pieces to put together a happy little pink package. 

Here's a little glamour shot of my cozy desk buddy, Henry. His brother George was also around, perched on the windowsill supervising everything.  (I wasn't kidding about the messy desk either!)


A lot of pieces in the flatlay are from Kikki.K, there's a few Project Life cards and an assortment of miscellaneous craft supplies, such as gold leaf from Honest Paper. 

So after much fuss & fun I packaged up all the elements and sneakily dropped it to a special friend and helped spread just a little more glitter & joy into 2017...