Tasmanian Adventures


Even the most quiet and introverted of crafters needs to step out and enjoy the outdoors every once and a while. So in the joyous floral-filled Springtime my dear friend Hannah and I decided to ditch our boys and go on a little adventure to the beautiful and irreplaceable Tasmania .. 

There were a lot of photos, flower appreciation,  tree-awe and nibbled cafe treats. We even scored some Springtime snow on Mt Wellington. 

Lovely Launceston is actually my home town, and it was fun to reminisce & make new memories in my old city. City Park is always a glorious favourite. 


No adventure is complete without a best friend, so here we are, always on the lookout for flowers, of course...

As with all intrepid adventurers, we documented our trip on Instagram with #hashtagtasmania

So what were our very favourite finds & locations? 
We based ourselves in Launceston for half our trip, and did day trips to surrounding towns, then travelled to Hobart to do the same.
It may be a small island but there's a lot to see - hire a car and book yourself an extra week...


1. Richmond - stay in a little cottage Bed & Breakfast, eat from local bakery & chip shop, run from geese on water's edge and admire some of Australia's most historic buildings. 

2.   Cadbury Chocolate Factory - in the "good ol' days" you could take a tour through the factory floor... nowadays it's worth a visit more for the outlet priced chocolates.. mmm...

3. Salamanca Markets - Quality handmade goods, local produce and wonderful, wonderful food!

4. The Huon Valley - picturesque orchards and apple delights. 

5. Mt. Wellington - let's be honest, it'll be freezing no matter what time of year but the view is unmissable. 



1. Lillydale - we used to drive out and pick blueberries here when I was a child. 

2. Evandale - MARKETS.MARKETS.MARKETS. We somehow ended up with vintage Enid Blyton books, almond croissants and quail eggs.. (the last one is a bit of a long story..). A very quaint little town with plenty of interesting little spots to poke around.

3. Deloraine - we were attempting to make it to Liffey Falls, but bad weather turned us around. However we still enjoyed a lovely rainy lunch under cherry blossom trees along the river. 

4. Hollybank Forest  - one of my favourite parts of the trip - so many beautiful trees, only a short drive from the city, yet you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. Suitable for even complete novices like me. 


Let's be honest, there's a whole lot more to Tassie than I've mentioned, and most of it is best discovered on your own adventure.. there's the rugged West Coast, pristine East Coast and historic Tasman Peninsula. There's penguin adventures on Bruny Island, convict history and natural beauty on Maria Island and a whole scattering of little towns and gems. So go on and make your own adventure..