Rituals Magazine is a minimalist lifestyle magazine which I produced for my final university project.
It features illustrations, lettering and photography along with articles, recipes and picnic tips.

The magazine is available in very, very limited quantities and can be purchased below each copy sold helps me cover production costs and exhibition fees for my graduate show.

Thank you for your support




Rituals Magazine is an exposition on the activities and rituals that make us human, the magazine honours life’s special occasions and also uncovers unexpected moments of beauty in the everyday. This visual collection of photography, illustration and lettering explores the simple joy found in living and doing life together with three distinct components; self, others and together. 

The content for the magazine was developed through the lens of human centred design
and each topic was suggested by the target audience making the magazine a collaborative
collection of rituals and  interests. 


magazine shoots

A little look at some of my favourite shoots from the magazine…



There are so many people who need to be acknowledged for their contribution to this magazine;
Firstly to my husband who patiently endures all manner of disorder and chaos during the creative process and to my wonderfully talented Mum and big sister for their help with writing articles.

I also want to thank my friends; Stephanie, Sheridan, Sarah, Hannah and Tianna for being my wonderful models and always being the voice of encouragement.

No project could ever be completed without the support of the design girls - never underestimate
the value of a supportive creative crew.

Finally, a big thank you goes out directly from my heart to you, thank you for investing in my project, believing in me and for being a part of helping a creative dream come true.