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Design can be tricky. It involves a process of communication between a client and the designer with the aim of determining the client's wants & needs. There is then the challenge of creating something that is both functional and aesthetically successful.... 

The process becomes even harder when you are designing for yourself and have no idea at all  what you want. 

I decided to update my old floral, watercolour logo (seen above) in time to use it on this new website.

It was a little too detailed for a logo and didn't best represent my interest in handlettering and design. Also since I designed it a while ago (pre-design training) in Photoshop it's horribly low resolution.

I wanted to design myself a logo that is simple, clean and timeless. I have a lot of creative interests and try a lot of different projects - hence the name 'Rebecca Lee Creative' - it's open ended because who knows what I'll be doing in 5 years? (or even next year..).  So I needed a logo that would last through all my different design phases and interests. 

I created my new logo by vectorising some of my own handlettering, making it personal to me and a reflection of my skills and interests. 

Next up will be business cards and that's a whole new creative challenge..


What do you think?

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