Currently on my desk


Since I've been away there's one thing I have particularly missed about my house in Australia and that's my big, old desk. In the spare room where I do all my creating I have two desks; one is lovely antique writing desk with big wooden drawers and a glass top which I picked up from a roadside sale. The other was given to me because no one else wanted's hideous... and I absolutely love it...! The desk is massive, very wide and is an off-grey colour with metal legs. It takes up most of my small room and no matter how often I tidy up, it's always covered in paint, ribbon, candles, leaves, glitter and infinite bits of paper covered in scribbles. 

My current obsessions.. lettering over printed photos, gold twine, inky brush lettering, candles in hurricane vases, spiral gum, airmail envelopes and white ink on clear acrylic. 

My little gold name paperweight is just a marble coaster from Kmart that I was experimenting with... one of those projects that I eventually mean to add to my Etsy store..

My little fiddle leaf fig was a happy bargain find at Bunnings and is the only alive plant I own, the rest are dried leaves in old glass jars. 

You can see from these images just how big the desk is - largely from the fact that the whole desk doesn't fit in a single photo! It sits just under a window so I can get the best light and so my kittens can sunbake on the window ledge and watch me.