Museum Branding

RLC wall sign.jpg

Here's another post from the archives -  I've nearly finished sorting through and posting my favourite old university projects! This was one of the final assignments I worked on before leaving Australia. For this project we were required to choose a museum and design a new logo and corresponding style guide. 

RLC magazine.jpg
RLC magazine 2.jpg

Then the assignment gets confusing and a little experimental, our forward-thinking design lecturers asked us to construct a virtual reality experience for the museum compatible with Google Cardboard. It's not true VR but rather an interactive 360 degree panorama. As I was dealing with a botanical museum, my VR experience was designed to encourage the viewer to "imagine a world without trees". These brochure cover designs were displayed alongside my Google Cardboard headset. 

RLC magazine 3.jpg

I kept the style and logo very minimal, to allow the exhibits in the museum to speak for themselves. Different levels and sections of the museum were represented with different colours. 

RLC Style guide.jpg

Finally, we also had to draw up a multi-level view map of the museum. This was by far the most challenging component, particularly for someone like me with little skills in reading maps (let alone drawing them!) 

RLC - map.jpg