The Design Store // App Design


My time in Austria has been full of adventures, making new friends, travelling and, of course, studying. The entire point of my trip, is actually meant to be for study. So to prove it's not all a giant holiday I thought I'd share on of my projects for university here with you all. 

Our brief was to come up with an original app idea, wire frame it and do a mockup design. My idea was 'The Design Store' a simple platform for buying and selling indie designs. 

The focus of this project was not the final finished, polished app, but rather to teach us the processes involved in user-focused interface design. We worked through creating user profiles and case stories to bass our app design from. 

This was my first attempt at designing an app and it gave me a whole new appreciation for interface design. Each tiny element you add to the app means an entire new sections of screens to design, I struggled with incorporating easy navigation and maintianing consistancy. 


We created mood-boards and design inspiration boards as went through many phases of testing and presenting our progress within our group. 

This flowchart was my attempt at mapping out the steps and pages within my application. I used Adobe XD for the wireframe and design prototype. 

The following is brief excerpt from my final submission which outlines the concept behind my design. Our assignment also involved a final presentation in front of our class, it was great to see everyone else's work. I'm always so inspired by what others are capable of creating. 

We didn't actually make our apps into a final product as the class was an introductory level and focused on the design process and the screen designs of the app. You can check out my clickable prototype however, by clicking the link or button below.