Design from Screen to Stage


Every year Baylife church releases a new vision statement to inspire and provide direction for the year. This usually coincides with a refresh of the interior and stage design within the building.

For 2019 the Vision came in two words' ‘exceedingly abundantly’, and we wanted to exceed the church’s expectations and go above and beyond in our design for 2019.

Designing for churches provides a variety of challenges; we’re trying to appeal and relate to a huge spectrum of ages and individuals. We’re also often dealing with themes and ideas that are not literal and attempting to convey a deep level of meaning in simple visual images.


Above: I combined minimalist typography with my own hand lettering to create a personal yet powerful graphic that can be reproduced on brochures and presentations. The greenery image projects ideas of growth, abundance and life which all further reflect the theme.

Below: After many rounds of iterations these were the final two designs I chose from. As a team we decided to work with the bottom selection because the hand lettering contained more personality and humanity than the strictly sans serif font.


I designed a series of presentation screens and templates to be used in services, converting the key graphic to a banner and leaving space for clear communication above.


I also designed two new covers for the A5 booklets which cover church services and life groups. I focused on a neutral and welcoming colour palette with lots of engaging images. The brochures are different but compliment each other with the use of squares and consistent typography.

Brochure Design || Rebecca Lee Creative

One of the biggest challenges arises when we start converting our purely 2D visual designs into 3D stage and interior design! Our incredible team worked tirelessly to weld and paint 15 geometric shapes which we suspended around the stage, each one containing a unique filament globe connected to a dimmer control in the lighting panel. The lights can all be dimmed and controlled from the desk so they can be utilised to different effects in a service.

We attached greenery to each piece, taking care not to cover the light globes. We continued this greenery with potted plants used both in the foyer and cafe area.


Stay tuned for updated images soon of our exterior and foyer decorations!